Asian American Populations by Congressional District ( 20152014 | 2013 )

Based on 2014 U.S. Census Bureau Estimates

Click on any part of the U.S. map to view results; move and zoom into the map as you wish.  Read this blog for background information and this blog for the 2015 data update

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Sorry, the Census Bureau does not release such data at the census block level. There are about 11 million census blocks in the nation. Statistics at such a detailed level would raise privacy and accuracy concerns.

This is really helpful. Is it possible to add in Asian American population as % of total population in districts? Raw counts are really useful. I would like to compare that to % of population by district.

The average size of a congressional district is around 730,000 so you may get an approximate percentage as a rule of thumb. Technically, it would require the 5-year total population estimate of each congressional district to compute the exact %. I apologize that it would take too much efforts for me to get these population estimates at this time.

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