George Washington University

1978 – Present

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Statistics

Lecture on longitudinal data analysis, mathematical statistics, general linear model, probability, time series analysis, design of experiments, regression, and analysis of variance. Conduct seminars on data integration and data visualization.

U.S. Census Bureau

2004 – 2012

Senior Advisor

Advise on Bureau-wide strategies, planning, implementation, and operation of data visualization and dissemination

Director, Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics Program

Direct an innovative program to build a 21st-century longitudinal statistical system that covers every worker, employer, and job in the United States, integrating data sources that already exist and producing creative new data and products about the U.S. workforce and jobs for stakeholder and public use at unprecedented levels of detail, while still protecting confidentiality of the original respondents.

Recognized in the United Nations as U.S. statistical innovation in 2008: OnTheMap – An Innovative Mapping and Reporting Tool

U.S. Department of Transportation

2002 – 2004

Acting Chief Statistician, Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Authority on statistics and adviser to the Director of the Bureau, providing technical leadership and guidance for the agency’s scientific research, methodological design, standards and definitions, and confidentiality protection program. Also acts as coach, consultant and agency representative as warranted.

Director, Departmental Office of Civil Rights

Serve as principal adviser to Secretary of Transportation and Department executives regarding civil rights and equal opportunity issues in the aftermath of 9/11.

U.S. Department of Energy

2000 – 2002

Director, Office of National Ombudsman

Serve as principal adviser to Secretary of Energy for building trust and leading change to a diverse, respectful and productive workplace in the Department of 25,000 government employees and 100,000 contractors in the aftermath of events that seriously damaged workforce confidence and morale. Charged with eliminating racial profiling; monitoring and reviewing diversity management matters; resolving workforce disputes; and promoting cultural understanding.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

1981 – 2000

Deputy Director, Office of Civil Rights

Manage policy and planning, systems integration for tracking and processing complaints, Internet and Intranet applications and Year-2000 compliance. Also responsible for compliance reviews, budget, finance, human resources, training, and administrative functions.

Chief Statistician, Agricultural Marketing Service

Lead statistical applications in domestic grading and inspection systems for agricultural products, and serve as statistical expert for U.S. delegations in international negotiations on agricultural issues. Manage user-fee program to provide consulting, processing and applied research services on statistical sampling, risk assessment, probability calculations, quality control, automation, inspection and grading procedures, method development, test and evaluation, standardization, market news and econometrics.

System Planning Corporation

1978 – 1981

Research Staff

Analyze peak load patterns and requirements of the U.S. Postal Service and the feasibility and performance of the Maverick missile, night vision technology, and radar mounted on Blackhawk helicopters for the U.S. Department of Defense.

The World Bank

1972 – 1978

Research Staff

Project annual disbursements of World Bank loans and estimate the borrowing requirements for the loan portfolios.


Selected Honors 

U.S. Department of Commerce Group Gold Medal Award for Scientific/Engineering Achievements


2010 – Receiving Gold Medal Award from Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Acting Deputy Secretary Rebecca Blank 与美国商业部部长骆家輝合照

The Stanley Suyat Memorial Leadership Award from Asian American Government Executives Network


Thank you remarks upon receiving the Stanley Suyat Memorial Leadership Award (thanks to Stan Fujii) 接受史坦利•苏逸领导奖致辞

40 Influential Asian Americans in Washington 


May 26, 2015, Asian Fortune 


Honorary Professorship, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China


Honorary Professorship and Opening of Big Data Innovation Center Ceremony at East China Normal University in Shanghai, China 上海华东师范大学受聘仪式​
Honorary Professorship and Opening of Big Data Innovation Center Ceremony at East China Normal University in Shanghai, China 上海华东师范大学受聘仪式​

East China Normal University
Shanghai, China
Director, Big Data Innovation Center

Tsinghua University
Beijing, China
Senior Adviser, Center for Chinese Entrepreneur Studies

The Innovations in “Local Employment Dynamics” Partnership Award, Census Bureau


U.S. Census Bureau Director’s Innovation Award


Public Service

Experienced government executive (retired) excelled in program management and quality, new product development, and achievement of results



Award-winning innovative agent of change in the application of statistics and information technology



Long-time community leader passionate with education, justice, leadership training, diversity, and advancement of U.S.-China relationship


George Washington University 

B.A. Statistics, 1970 – 1974

M.A. Statistics, 1975 – 1976

Ph.D. Statistics, 1977 – 1983

Western High School, U.S., 1969 – 1969

Chatham High School, Hong Kong, 1964 – 1968

Committee of 100 美国百人会

2014-2020 Board of Directors; 2014-2016 DC Region Co-Chair; 2011-2012 Survey Committee Co-Chair; 2003- Member

2014-2020 董事会; 2014-2016 华盛顿地区共同主席; 2011-2012 调查研究委员会共同主席; 2003- 会员

Cosmos Club

2014- Member

2014- 会员

Asian American Government Executives Network 美国亜裔政府资深主管協会

2002- Advisory Committee; 2011 Conference Chair; 1998-2000, 2002 Chair

2002- 咨询委员会; 2011 年会主席; 1998-2000, 2002 主席

Asian Americans in Energy, the Environment and Commerce 美国亜裔能源环境商业協会

2014 Senior Advisor; 2011-2014 Board of Directors

2014 高级顾问; 2011-2014 董事会

American Statistical Association 美囯统计学会

2005 Nomination Committee Chair

2005 提名委员会主席

Organization of Chinese Americans 美华協会

1999-2001 Vice Chair, DC Chapter

1999-2001 华盛顿分会副主席

Asian Pacific American Network in Agriculture美国亜太裔农业協会

1994-1997 Chair

1994-1997 主席

International Chinese Statistical Association 泛华统计学会

1988- Lifetime Member

1988- 终身会员