Selected Activities

Date Location Description
12/07/2018 FBI Headquarters
Washington, DC
Meeting at FBI Headquarters on Community Concerns
Asian American Community Leaders Meeting with FBI Senior Official and Representatives
10/16/2017 Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Washington, DC
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace & Hong Kong Economic amd Trade Office
Hong Kong: A Snapshot Twenty Years After the Handover
08/14-16/2017 Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences
Beijing, China
Constructing Government Big Data Systems
— Theory and Practice
— Important Considerations for Implementation
— A Pilot Demonstration Experiment
06/28/2017 Hill Center
Washington, DC
APAPA & CLF Foundation Civic Leadership Forum
Constitutional Rights & Government Actions – Connecting Wrongful Prosecutions of Chinese Americans and the FISA Amendments Act
YouTube Presentation (33:55)
06/11/2016 Wayne T. Hockmeyer Auditorium
Gaithersburg, MD
Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association-USA Annual Conference
Trade Secrets and Economic Espionage: Legal Risks in Advancing Technology between the U.S. and China
11/17/2015 Capitol
U.S. Congress
Congressional Press Conference on Profiling against Asian Americans
House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on the Department of Justice (3:58:20)
11/10/2015 Atlantic Council
Washington, DC
Assistant Attorney General John Carlin
National Security and the Cyber Threat Landscape (1:08:13)
09/15/2015 Arent Fox LLB
Washington, DC
Press Conference on the Cases of Sherry Chen and Professor Xiaoxing Xi
Statement on behalf of Committee of 100
06/21/2015 Johns Hopkins University
Washington, DC
People-to-People Exchanges in U.S.-China Relations – Forgotten Past, Fateful Future
05/21/2015 Cannon Building
U.S. Congress
Congressional Press Conference on Profiling against Asian Americans
Committee of 100 Statement
12/03-04/2014 Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics
Lanzhou, China
11/29/2014 Renmin University
Beijing, China
The First International Conference on Big Data and Applied Statistics Invited Lecture
摘要 Abstract
创新统计学支持现代治理 Innovate Statistics to Support Modern Governance
中国人民大学”大数据与应用统计”研究组述评: 大数据时代统计学的重构与创新
10/15/2014 Wilson Center
Washington, DC
National Memories Opening Ceremony (Ribbon-cutting Photo)
Exhibition “National Memories” on Display in Washington D.C.
09/16/2014 Tsinghua University
Beijing, China
Invited Lecture
数据文化创造智慧城市 Developing Data Culture to Build Smart Cities
09/15/2014 Renmin University
Beijing, China
Invited Lecture
数据文化创造智慧城市 Developing Data Culture to Build Smart Cities
09/13/2014 Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
Beijing, China
全国智慧城市建设领导干部班 Mayors Development Lecture
数据文化创造中国智慧城市的设想 Developing Data Culture to Build Smart Cities
中国智慧城市建设的四个提议 20141005 Four Suggestions to Build Chinese Smart Cities
08/11/2014 University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL
Workshop on Big Data and Urban Informatics
Seeing Chinese Cities Through Big Data and Statistics
06/13/2014 Digital Paper
Media Interview on Big Data and Statistics
科技日报: 沉睡的“科学大数据”如何唤醒
11/20-22/2013 East China Normal University
Shanghai, China
Invited Short Courses on Statistics 2.0: 短课程:统计学2.0
11/20/2013: 统计学2.0: 新天地
11/21/2013: 统计学2.0: 数据可视化
11/22/2013: 统计学2.0: 动态框架
11/16-17/2013 Fujian Normal University
Fuzhou, China
Big Data Statistics Theory and Methods Symposium Invited Presentation: 大数据统计理论与方法学术研讨会
10/09/2013 University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC
Invited Talk
Statistics 2.0
06/20/2013 Wuhan, China Fourth Annual Tien Chang-Lin Symposium Invited Talk
06/13/2013 East China Normal University
Shanghai, China
Invited Presentation
05/20/2013 The White House
Washington, DC
Doing Business in Asia Forum 2013
Agenda Overview
05/15/2013 U.S. Department of Commerce
Washington, DC
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Program
05/06/2013 Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC
1882 Symposium
11/17/2012 Tsinghua University
Beijing, China
Symposium on Opportunities, Challenges and Responsibilities of the Big Data Era
11/16/2012 Beijing, China Visit the National Bureau of Statistics of China
11/15/2012 Renmin University
Beijing, China
11/09/2012 East China Normal University
Shanghai, China
Opening Ceremonies of Big Data Innovation Center
11/02/2012 Yale University
New Haven, CT
Roundtable with the Council on East Asian Studies and the National Committee on US-China Relations
08/10/2012 Washington, DC 关于大数据和统计学的一份提议
07/01/2012 Tsinghua University
Beijing, China
Small Business Database Seminar
06/30/2012 Tsinghua University
Beijing, China
Third Annual Tsinghua Symposium
Chinese in America: from 1860 to Today and Introduction to Committee of 100
06/28/2012 Wuhan, China Third Annual Tien Chang-Lin Symposium
06/14/2012 East China Normal University
Shanghai, China
Lecture: Innovative Statistics: Big Data and Visualization
06/07/2012 Arlington, VA AAGEN Annual Conference: Public-Private Partnership: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
05/23/2012 BlogTalkRadio Global Conversation about US-China Relations
Charlie Woo, Frank Wu, Jeremy Wu
04/20/2012 Pasadena, CA Committee of 100 Annual Conference Luncheon Program
US-China Public Perceptions – Opinion Survey
Sinovision Report 百人会民调:美中争霸 互信不足
04/17/2012 Alexandria, VA Federal Employee Conference, White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders by the Numbers – Data Disaggregation and Liberation