Selected Activities

10/16/2017Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Washington, DC
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace & Hong Kong Economic amd Trade Office
Hong Kong: A Snapshot Twenty Years After the Handover
08/14-16/2017Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences
Beijing, China
Constructing Government Big Data Systems
— Theory and Practice
— Important Considerations for Implementation
— A Pilot Demonstration Experiment
06/28/2017Hill Center
Washington, DC
APAPA & CLF Foundation Civic Leadership Forum
Constitutional Rights & Government Actions – Connecting Wrongful Prosecutions of Chinese Americans and the FISA Amendments Act
YouTube Presentation (33:55)
06/11/2016Wayne T. Hockmeyer Auditorium
Gaithersburg, MD
Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association-USA Annual Conference
Trade Secrets and Economic Espionage: Legal Risks in Advancing Technology between the U.S. and China
U.S. Congress
Congressional Press Conference on Profiling against Asian Americans
House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on the Department of Justice (3:58:20)
11/10/2015Atlantic Council
Washington, DC
Assistant Attorney General John Carlin
National Security and the Cyber Threat Landscape (1:08:13)
09/15/2015Arent Fox LLB
Washington, DC
Press Conference on the Cases of Sherry Chen and Professor Xiaoxing Xi
Statement on behalf of Committee of 100
06/21/2015Johns Hopkins University
Washington, DC
People-to-People Exchanges in U.S.-China Relations – Forgotten Past, Fateful Future
05/21/2015Cannon Building
U.S. Congress
Congressional Press Conference on Profiling against Asian Americans
Committee of 100 Statement
12/03-04/2014Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics
Lanzhou, China
11/29/2014Renmin University
Beijing, China
The First International Conference on Big Data and Applied Statistics Invited Lecture
摘要 Abstract
创新统计学支持现代治理 Innovate Statistics to Support Modern Governance
中国人民大学”大数据与应用统计”研究组述评: 大数据时代统计学的重构与创新
10/15/2014Wilson Center
Washington, DC
National Memories Opening Ceremony (Ribbon-cutting Photo)
Exhibition “National Memories” on Display in Washington D.C.
09/16/2014Tsinghua University
Beijing, China
Invited Lecture
数据文化创造智慧城市 Developing Data Culture to Build Smart Cities
09/15/2014Renmin University
Beijing, China
Invited Lecture
数据文化创造智慧城市 Developing Data Culture to Build Smart Cities
09/13/2014Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
Beijing, China
全国智慧城市建设领导干部班 Mayors Development Lecture
数据文化创造中国智慧城市的设想 Developing Data Culture to Build Smart Cities
中国智慧城市建设的四个提议 20141005 Four Suggestions to Build Chinese Smart Cities
08/11/2014University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL
Workshop on Big Data and Urban Informatics
Seeing Chinese Cities Through Big Data and Statistics
06/13/2014Digital Paper
Media Interview on Big Data and Statistics
科技日报: 沉睡的“科学大数据”如何唤醒
11/20-22/2013East China Normal University
Shanghai, China
Invited Short Courses on Statistics 2.0: 短课程:统计学2.0
11/20/2013: 统计学2.0: 新天地
11/21/2013: 统计学2.0: 数据可视化
11/22/2013: 统计学2.0: 动态框架
11/16-17/2013Fujian Normal University
Fuzhou, China
Big Data Statistics Theory and Methods Symposium Invited Presentation: 大数据统计理论与方法学术研讨会
10/09/2013University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC
Invited Talk
Statistics 2.0
06/20/2013 Wuhan, China Fourth Annual Tien Chang-Lin Symposium Invited Talk
06/13/2013East China Normal University
Shanghai, China
Invited Presentation
05/20/2013 The White House
Washington, DC
Doing Business in Asia Forum 2013
Agenda Overview
05/15/2013U.S. Department of Commerce
Washington, DC
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Program
05/06/2013Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC
1882 Symposium
11/17/2012Tsinghua University
Beijing, China
Symposium on Opportunities, Challenges and Responsibilities of the Big Data Era
11/16/2012Beijing, ChinaVisit the National Bureau of Statistics of China
11/15/2012Renmin University
Beijing, China
11/09/2012East China Normal University
Shanghai, China
Opening Ceremonies of Big Data Innovation Center
11/02/2012Yale University
New Haven, CT
Roundtable with the Council on East Asian Studies and the National Committee on US-China Relations
08/10/2012Washington, DC关于大数据和统计学的一份提议
07/01/2012Tsinghua University
Beijing, China
Small Business Database Seminar
06/30/2012Tsinghua University
Beijing, China
Third Annual Tsinghua Symposium
Chinese in America: from 1860 to Today and Introduction to Committee of 100
06/28/2012Wuhan, ChinaThird Annual Tien Chang-Lin Symposium
06/14/2012East China Normal University
Shanghai, China
Lecture: Innovative Statistics: Big Data and Visualization
06/07/2012Arlington, VAAAGEN Annual Conference: Public-Private Partnership: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
05/23/2012BlogTalkRadioGlobal Conversation about US-China Relations
Charlie Woo, Frank Wu, Jeremy Wu
04/20/2012Pasadena, CACommittee of 100 Annual Conference Luncheon Program
US-China Public Perceptions – Opinion Survey
Sinovision Report 百人会民调:美中争霸 互信不足
04/17/2012Alexandria, VAFederal Employee Conference, White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders by the Numbers – Data Disaggregation and Liberation